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Rroduct Details


1. According to different products, available for the selected temperature

2. Special material welding head, ensure that the product compression on average

3. Equipped with vacuum function, regulate registration easier

4. Low temperature numerical control, precision clearly

5. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, can preset pressure range

6. Microcomputer control, precision and stability

7. Second-ranking programmable curve including preheat temperature and reflow soldering

8. Low is suitable for all kinds of high density TAB, TCP and FPC, FFC and pressure to PCB solder pressure welding

9. Adopts accurate PID control, phase Angle instead of the pulse drive

10. Small vibration, low noise and voltage fluctuation

Machine specifications:

Machine size 620 x 690 x 570 mm
work environment 10 to 60 ℃, 40% to 95%
Working size Max200x260mm
welding pressure 1 ~ 20 kg
Machine weight 95 kg
temperature setting RT error + / - 5 ℃ ~ 500 ℃
Work pressure 0

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