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Automatic Double station PULSE HEAT MACHINE-YSPP-2A

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Rroduct Details

1. Features

1. According to different products, can adjust the temperature

2. Special material welding head , ensure the average pressure

3. With vacuum function, regulating bit easier

4. Temperature NC , clear precision

5. With digital pressure gauge , pressure can be preset range

6. Microcomputer control, accurate and stable

7. Programmable curve Including preheating and reflow soldering temperature

8. Suitable for all kinds of high density TAB, TCP and pressure to FPC, FFC and PCB soldering pressure welding

9. Using precise PID control, phase angle replace pulse drive

10. Vibration, low noise , voltage does not fluctuate

11. Rotating platform with motor control , accurate and stable.

12. Real-time display temperature curve and temperature data

13. Touch screen input data, simplify the operation. 

14 Automatic Double station Design, high efficiency, saving labor costs.

Technical parameters

Cylinder control, error <0.02mm
heating pulse rise time of 1-2 seconds
Discharge mode
manual handling

Work environment

10-60 , 40% -95%

Bit mode 

CCD + LCD Monitor
hands on system
Fixture Number
Hot Head size
MAX 60X3mm
Hot Accuracy
Pressing time
1 ~ 99.9s

Temperature settings

RT ~ 500 error of ± 5
Temperature settings
Welding pressure
1 ~ 20Kg
Power supply
AC220V ± 10% 50HZ, 2300W
Working pressure
0.2-0 .8 Mpa
Work size
Machine size

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