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Pulse Heated PCB Soldering Machine Pneumatic Rotary Turntabl

  • Weight: 95Kg
  • Air Pressing: 0.45-0.7Mpa
  • Max. Working Area: 200mm X 260mm
  • Size: 620mm X 690mm X 570mm
  • Model: YSPC-1A
  • Introduction:

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Rroduct Details
Pulse Heated PCB Soldering Machine Pneumatic Rotary Turntable Hot Bar Welding Machine
1. Extremely short cycle time with rotary table design. Product loading and unloading can be done during the heat sealing process
2. High quality heat seal application up to 0.25mm pitch
3. Pneumatic bonding head provide up to 3,900N force
4. Digital programmable pressure control with LCD display
5. Closed loop PID temperature control with visible LED display
6. Bonding cycle is triggered by a real time pressure sensor
7. Floating Thermode ensure consistent pressure and heat transfer along the flexfoil to LCD and/or PCB
8. Precision product fixtures (2X), easy exchange, provided with micrometer alignment and vacuum to fix components
9. Optional CCD alignment module with frame, camera, lens, monitor and illumination for fine pitch application
10. Full microprocessor logic


Model: YSPC-1A
Size: 620mm X 690mm X 570mm
Max. Working Area: 200mm X 260mm
Air Pressing: 0.45-0.7Mpa

Weight: 95Kg

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