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One, the characteristics of hot press:

1.  with fault diagnosis and alarm temperature abnormal disconnection, prevent burn out workpiece.

2.  response speed. Heat concentration, small spacing, heat conduction workpiece welding is particularly suitable for
3.  unique learning function, according to the proposed setting of heating parameters, you can output the temperature of stability, avoid overshoot.
4. unlike the traditional hot press stalls control, accurate control of energy, unique dual PID control, to ensure the temperature stability.

5.  heating setting, time wide setting (0.3-99s), suitable for complex welding process needs.
6. The storage of the parameters of the 6 groups is convenient for the use of a variety of welding varieties..

7. strong external communication function: welding end, failure, RS-232 data communication port, easy for automatic welding.

8.  the Chinese Super LCD display, while showing a variety of content, easy to operate.

hot BAR SOLDERING MACHINE Features Two, hot press application field:
1. small camera and other resin hot pressing;

2. digital camera, mobile phone, etc. CMOS, CCD and FPC board solder welding;

3. PDP LCD and other electronic products of the flexible circuit board hot welding, solder welding;
4. HDD coil, capacitance, sensors, etc., solder welding wire solder;
5. communication machine within the cable, parallel port solder welding;

6. ACF hot press, etc..

For a variety of high density TAB, TCP crimping and FPC, FFC and PCB solder crimp

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