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Automatic Feeding Separator Machine For Pcb Aluminum Board with 6 Blades

  • Machine Weight : 45Kg
  • Minimize thickness : 1.0-3.5mm
  • Minimize Speed : 0-400mm/s
  • The Longest Minimize : No limited
  • Machine Size : 40*40*34 cm
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Rroduct Details
Product  / Features :
1. Thus the edge of the board and its surface are very smooth without warping .
2. because of the multiple cutting , cutting process is very smooth and greatly improves the capability of position of V-CUT groove .
3. All the cutting blades are calibrated by Excitation double-frequency laser interference measurement instrument . Ensure that the latter knife can accurately continue to cut in the slots which already cut by the former knife . the jitter of knife point is less than 0.02mm . Ensure perfect cutting quality .
4 . Can be adjusted the above and below round knife precisely
5 . Circular knife can turn mill reoccupy many times , the shape of cutter can be customized .
6 . X , Y axis can free adjustment and make the cutting accuracy to the highest .


Platform : 1.2M length
Machine Size :   40*40*34 cm 
The Longest Minimize : No limited 
Minimize Speed :   0-400mm/s 
Minimize thickness :  1.0-3.5mm 
Machine Weight :  45Kg
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