V-groove Pcb Depanel Machine , Manual PCB Depanelizer Machine

Time:2019-11-25 14:01:26
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Detailed Product Description
Color: White PCB Thickness: 0.6-3.5mm
Cuttin Speed: Control By Hand Model: YSV-2M


V-groove Pcb Depanel Machine , Manual PCB Depanelizer Machine



1. PCB cutting process by hand push
2. Safety use and easy operation
3. The price is very economical

4. Cutting speed is controlled by operator




1. Easy to operate, keep moving by lower knife to improve cutting effects

2. Height of lower knife adjustable, suitable for different thickness of PCB

3. Blades are re-sharpable,Speed control by manual

4. Frame is made of high quality steel

5. Lower internal stress to prevent damage of PCB

6. Gap for insertion of the board can simply be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob


Max PCB Length 330mm
Size(L×W×H) 720*310*330mm
PCB Thickness 0.3-3.5mm
Weight 50kg


V-CUT PCB cutting machine features:
1.Use upper circular blade and bottom linear blade.
2.Cut pre-scored v groove PCB without stress on either PCB or component.
3.Clearance between circular and linear blades are adjustable to fit different groove depth and compensates for blade wear out.
4.Blades can be re-grinded to use.

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